June 22, 2014

We were out the door at around 6 o’clock with less hassle than I predicted. One thing I didn’t predict was the knot that formed in my throat as I waved goodbye to my mom with our dog in her arms. The fact that I wasn’t going to see them for almost a month hit me. Thank god for happy music ‘s ability to manipulate my feelings.

Once we got through check-in and immigration at NAIA Terminal 2, we headed to Mabuhay lounge. It was my first time entering this lounge. I vaguely remember a different lounge we stayed in when we were little. Little meaning I don’t remember most of it so this felt new to me. Everything felt new to me. Traveling to the U.S. for the first time. Taking an 11-hour flight for the first time.

Anyway, the lounge had lots of food. I mainly hovered around the desserts area where I took a bite of every sweet treat there was. Then I shamefully went around recording clips of the lounge for my airline/airplane-crazy boyfriend who I was also chatting with while waiting for boarding time.

Dad picked the seats near the emergency exit because he wanted extra leg space and that is exactly what we got. The space was a huge convenience since I could get in and out of my seat with less hassle.

So what did I do for 11 hours?

I ate. A lot. I had dinner, snacks, and breakfast. The food was superb by the way and the service was great. I also three movies: Wolf of Wall Street, Ruby Sparks, and The Book Thief. I didn’t really sleep a lot. I only slept for around an hour and a half.

We arrived at the San Francisco International Airport at around 8 in the evening. I was so surprised to see that I could still see from outside my window considering that it was technically evening. The sun should’ve been down by that time.

My first impression of San Francisco was that it was hella cold. I was sitting far from the door, waiting for us to be picked up but everytime it opened a shiver would go down my spine. And I was wearing a bulky jacket already!

I guess the day ends with me having a good night’s sleep while my dad struggled to. Hahaha. If you want a real-time view of what I went through head on over here and watch my flight vlog. 

08:19PM, Aug 10 2014 33 | Comment

Since it was my first time to experience a long-haul flight (11 hours!), I thought I’d take you guys along for the ride.

09:42AM, Aug 09 2014 14 | Comment

There’s a first time for everything. Go easy on me, will you? :3

10:51PM, Jul 26 2014 25 | Comment