April 26, 2014

I bet it’s not hard for you to guess what we were up to on our sleepover. Aside from taking lots of photos, we took in lots of food. Thanks to Yani’s mom we were eating every two hours. I had two ice cream bars and a bowl of homemade chocolate ice cream with marshmallows in one day! That’s apart from having two breakfasts, spaghetti, and dinner at Army Navy. It wasn’t a brilliant idea to pig out before our trip to the beach but it was hard to resist. I even ended up eating chocolate mallows, wafer sticks, and lava cakes that were lying around the house. Yes, I am that kind of house guest. Hahaha.

So we met up at the LRT Santolan station early that day, took a jeep to Taytay, and went shopping. You’d think I’d be hoarding clothes the most but Yani and Mich actually beat me. I’m starting to become more prudent about spending my money, I guess?

Then we had a little photoshoot aside from our group selfie sessions. At the end of the day, we had around over a hundred photos! Hahaha. Spent the night introducing them to my favorite new TV show but we ended up sleeping halfway through episode 2!

The next day we had brunch at 14FourCafe which I’ll save for another post! :D

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